After-Market Kettle Parts

When Weber announced that after 20 years they were bringing back the famous Red Kettle for a Limited Edition run, I had a dream of buying one and throwing it into a Performer cart to make a custom Red Performer. What I didn’t know at the time was there was no way to attach the red kettle to the performer cart. That’s where these brackets come in. These brackets are what made the dream a reality. Thank you, Louis, for filling a need I didn’t even know I had.”

– Justin at Baby Back Maniac

See Baby Back Maniac’s rebuild video on YouTube and check out his YouTube channel.

After-market Bracket Kits

Our after-market brackets are made from 1/8” 304 stainless steel. The brackets will work on 18”, 22”, and 26” kettles. The hole pattern is designed to line up with a Weber Performer frame and also can work on any custom table as well.

The kits include the two brackets and stainless steel bolts, washers, and nuts for assembly and are long lasting.

Check out the assembly video on YouTube.

After-market Lid Handle Brackets

Our after-market lid handles are made from 304 stainless steel and are designed to replace the “taco” heat shield or for lids that the original weld has failed and need to replace handle.

These also work well on Weber Smokey Mountains to help lift off center piece.

*This is the lid handle bracket only – your original grip handle will screw back onto the bracket

Probe Port Covers and Fan Port Cover

Our Port and Fan Covers are made from stainless steel and will work with all Kettles and Smokey Mountains.

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